The New Age Biodiesel Processor
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The New Age Biodiesel Processor

Information on bio-diesel processor

With increased concern about fossil fuel depletion as well as pollution, there have attempts to substitute the source with a renewable source of fuel. One such source is biodiesel. To be able to make biodiesel you will certainly require a biodiesel processor. The device could either be bought or made at your home. It depends on the amount of biodiesel you are producing. With the biodiesel processor you will be able to cut the costs you incurred in buying various fuels. Good equipment and instrumentation can take your yield higher ensuring the best quality biodiesel which will have high commercial values.

A biodiesel processor refers to several apparatus which have been linked together to be able to make biodiesel. There are various types depending on the raw materials used so as to be easy to use. Some of the equipments are highly automated especially the ones which are sold by large scale manufacturers, though they are expensive. The processors come for small scale use as well as for industrial use with the later bigger in size, for normal domestic use it is recommended to buy the smaller types as they can handle the various capacities you will be requiring. But if your idea is to produce large scale amounts of biodiesel the best to settle for are the fully flanged highly instrumented processors.

If you want the continuous biodiesel processor it comes with parts like the methanol and caustic storage tanks, a mixer for methoxide, an oil storage and drying apparatus, pumps, metering equipment, control gadgets and many more. Some of the special features that come with such processors for include, the impulse cavitation technology, which has reactors that don’t require re-etherification reaction thus quite versatile. In addition to this, the reactor can be used for any of the raw materials which are used in making biodiesel. This innovation has transformed the biodiesel production from the former tank rectors thus greatly reducing reaction time.

To ensure high quality biodiesel, the processors commonly use the “sorbates” which enable easy purification as well as washing. In older models, the process were separated but nowadays it is a single step, thank to the cavitation biodiesel technology. The other advancement that has been seen is the reduction of the need to recycle ethanol or methanol, whichever you are using, as the new equipment are able to stochiometrically add the various required amounts. The older equipment required an expensive method of trying to recover ethanol/methanol used thus adding extra cost on the biodiesel processor usage.

There are many other advantages that have been created with the newer technologies which include reducing energy consumption, lower amounts of process time as well as many other benefits. Technology is quickly changing the way everything is done. Ensure you go for the latest biodiesel processor to be able to enjoy all these again and many more. You will certainly also have lesser labor as the equipment are highly automated and self running with just a few settings you will need to do. Stop buying diesel rather make yours from your home. It will come with many longtime incentives.

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