The Importance Of Chemistry In Our Daily Life
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The Importance Of Chemistry In Our Daily Life

The Importance Of Chemistry In Our Daily Life

We are living our own life and chemistry is in every part and moment of our life . We must realize the importance of chemistry in our daily life . From waking up in the morning to the time of sleeping , chemistry moves with us like our shadow and even while we sleep , chemistry is there with us . If you know a little about the facts of chemistry , then you may realize the real time importance of chemistry in our every moment of life . When we walk , when we take food , when we inhale & exhale ( breathe ) , when we bath , when we drink , when we do any work that we do in our everyday life , everywhere and everytime , chemistry is always with us . Now let’s have a glance at the presence of chemistry in every subject of our life :-

• The Most Amazing Fact – Our Body :- If you know something about chemistry , then you should know that what are elements and compounds . Well , Elements are the smallest substances and compounds are combination of elements . And , our body ( human body ) is made up of millions of compounds . Every part of our body – tissues , veins , blood molecules etc. are made up of compounds . Is not it amazing ? Yeah , that’s the magic of chemistry .

• All That We Observe In Our Surroundings Contains Chemistry :- As I said you that everything contains chemistry . And that’s may be the main reason that why chemistry is so much important in our daily life . A basic term of chemistry – matter – is all the things which have mass and takes space to be fixed . So , all we see around us are matters . It’s a fact of chemistry !

• Every Substance We Use :- In a day , we use many kind of substances for various purposes . But have you ever thought that which type of substance is it ? There are three kinds of substances – Acids , Bases & Neutral . Every substance we use are of different types and have different characteristics . So this is also a wonder of chemistry .

• Mixing Of Substances – What Will It Conclude ? :- In our daily life , we mix various substances with each other and different reaction results to a new substance . And , only due to the presence of chemistry , this phenomenon happens . In chemistry , there are various types of reactions and each of them have their own properties and concludes to different products from a reactant or reactants . Well , this is another great fact about chemistry .

Now , after you read the above mentioned examples , you may conclude that what importance does chemistry have in our daily life . As a conclusion , we can say that everything that is happening in this world is due to the presence of chemistry and it have great importance in our daily life .

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Comments (4)

detailed explanation is not given. if it would have been students would find it more useful

Yeah , this article is only for the students . Even I am a student , and recently , I was assigned to write an article on this topic for the school . So , I have written this article to submit in the school , and also posted it on Factoidz .


indeed the facts are facinating. and its a great choice to share all these.

Thanks for sharing the importance of chemistry. I could not agree more. Even when I was a student I have always been fascinated about chemistry. Last Post: Keyword Map Pro