Facts About Coca-Cola and Why It is Selling Well
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Facts About Coca-Cola and Why It is Selling Well

Facts About Coca-Cola and Why It is Selling Well

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          Everyone of us knew how this drink taste like and why millions of people in the planet were unconsciously giving in into their cravings to satisfy their thirst. Just when and how it all started and who were the personalities involved in the formulation and establishment of the company responsible for giving us this bestselling softdrink will finally be answered in this article.  

1. Coca-Cola is a carbonated drink which has its origin back in 1886 in the Eagle Drug and Chemical Company, a drugstore in Columbus, Georgia.

2. The prototype recipe formula was made by John Pemberton originally as coca wine branded as Pemberton’s French Wine Coca.

3. The Vin Mariani was a European coca wine drink which had a successful market during the time. Pemberton may have been inspired by this alcoholic drink that when Atlanta and Fulton County passed prohibition of alcoholic drinks, he thought of a non-alcoholic alternative.

4. On 8 May 1886, the first non-alcoholic version of French Wine Coca known as the Coca-Cola was sold at Jacob’s Pharmacy in Atlanta, Georgia initially as a patent medicine priced at five cents.

5. Pemberton’s formula has two key ingredients of cocaine (benzoylmethyl ecgonine) and caffeine. The former was derived from coca leaves and the latter from kola nuts thereby giving rise to the brand name Coca-Cola.

6. The formula called for five ounces of coca leaf per gallon of syrup. By glass, an estimated 9 milligrams of cocaine was estimated which was ultimately removed in 1903 leaving just the coca flavoring.

7. Pemberton himself a morphine addict, claimed Coca-Cola cures many ailments like morphine addiction, dyspepsia, headache and impotence. This line of advertisement for the drink was ran by him on the Atlanta Journal for the first time in 29 May 1886.

8. Three versions of Coca-Cola had been sold to the market in 1888. Asa Griggs Candler, a businessman and former mayor of Atlanta acquired a stake in Pemberton’s business and established the Coca-Cola Company in 1888. However, driven by morphine addiction, Pemberton sold the rights to 4 more businessmen which was later worsened by Pemberton’s son (an alcoholic) who started selling his own version.

9. Settling the dispute, Candler purchased exclusive rights to Coca-Cola from John Pemberton which led to the founding of a second company in 1892, The Coca-Cola Company which exist as it is today.

10. The original copy of the formula of Coca-Cola’s flavourings (aside from the written ingredients on the container) is considered a trade secret and is kept at Sun Trust Bank’s vault in Atlanta. The bank is a predecessor of the Trust Company which was the underwriter of Coca-Cola Company.

11. At present, Coca-Cola still uses as a flavouring agent, cocaine-free coca leaf extract from a US government authorized manufacturing plant.

12. Stepan Company, the only company in the US licensed to purify cocaine for medicinal use obtain coca leaves from Peru and Bolivia. Spent leaves resulting from leftovers of the extraction process were said to be what becomes the flavouring agent it supplies to Coca-Cola and the rest is up for you to figure it out or taste it.



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Comments (7)

Great job Will. Their latest ad, "Happiness" is a sure winner for attracting more coke drinker.

Cocaine free, that's sure good to know. I am a diet coke girl myself.

Used to be my favorite drink.while growing up. Great article.

I,m a Pepsi girl myself, but loved the writeup all the same.

Don't drink it myself, I prefer a tot of Glenmorangie anyone who would like to buy me one, my PayPal address is johnnydod100@gmail.com teehee

Some very good facts here Will. Tweeted :)

So indeed there was cocaine in it before. Maybe the trade secret is a trace of it so people keep on drinking Coke.