Complete List of Cations,Anions and Polyatomic Anions
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Complete List of Cations,Anions and Polyatomic Anions

List of Cations, Anions and Polyatomic Anions

List of Cations:


H1+ hydrogen

Li1+ lithium

Na1+ sodium

K1+ potassium

Rb1+ rubidium

Cs1+ cesium

Ag1+ silver

Be2+ beryllium

Mg2+ magnesium

Ca2+ calcium

Sr2+ strontium

Ba2+ barium

Ni2+ nickel

Zn2+ zinc

Cd2+ cadmium

Al3+ aluminum

Bi3+ bismuth

needs Roman numeral

Cu1+ copper(I)

Au1+ gold(I)

Cr2+ chromium(II)

Co2+ cobalt(II)

Cu2+ copper(II)

Fe2+ iron(II)

Pb2+ lead(II)

Mn2+ manganese(II)

Hg2+ mercury(II)

Sn2+ tin(II)

Cr3+ chromium(III)

Co3+ cobalt(III)

Au3+ gold(III)

Fe3+ iron(III)

Mn3+ manganese(III)

Pb4+ lead(IV)

Sn4+ tin(IV)


NH41+ ammonium

H3O1+ hydronium

Hg22+ mercury(I)

List of Anion:

-ide ending


H1- hydride

F1- fluoride

Cl1- chloride

Br1- bromide

I1- iodide

O2- oxide

S2- sulfide

Se2- selenide

Te2- telluride

N3- nitride

P3- phosphide

As3- arsenide

C4- carbide

Si4- silicide

-ide ending


CN1- cyanide

OH1- hydroxide

-ite ending


ClO1- hypochlorite

BrO1- hypobromite

IO1- hypoiodite

ClO21- chlorite

BrO21- bromite

IO21- iodite

HSO31- hydrogen sulfite (bisulfite)

NO21- nitrite

SO32- sulfite

-ate ending


ClO31- chlorate

BrO31- bromate

IO31- iodate

ClO41- perchlorate

BrO41- perbromate

IO41- periodate

HCO31- hydrogen carbonate (bicarbonate)

HSO41- hydrogen sulfate (bisulfate)

H2PO41- dihydrogen phosphate

C2H3O21- acetate

NO31- nitrate

MnO41- permanganate

SCN1- thiocyanate

CO32- carbonate

CrO42- chromate

Cr2O72- dichromate

HPO42- monohydrogen phosphate

C2O42- oxalate

SO42- sulfate

S2O32- thiosulfate

BO33- borate

PO43- phosphate

Polyatomic ions Names

AsO4-3 arsenate

BO3-3 borate

B4O7-2 tetraborate

BrO3- bromate

BrO- hypobromite

CO3-2 carbonate

CN- cyanide

C2O4-2 oxalate

C2H3O2- acetate

C4H4O6-2 tartrate

ClO4- perchlorate

ClO3- chlorate

ClO2- chlorite

ClO- hypochlorite

CrO4-2 chromate

Cr2O7-2 dichromate

IO4- periodate

IO3- iodate

IO- hypoiodite

HCO3- hydrogen carbonate (bicarbonate)

HSO4- hydrogen sulfate (bisulfate)

HSO3- hydrogen sulfite (bisulfite)

HC2O4- hydrogen oxalate (binoxalate)

HPO4-2 hydrogen phosphate

H2PO4- dihydrogen phosphate

HS- hydrogen sulfide

MnO4- permanganate

NH2- amide

NH4+ ammonium

NO3- nitrate

NO2- nitrite

OH- hydroxide

O2-2 peroxide

PO4-3 phosphate

PO3-3 phosphite

SCN- thiocyanate

S2O3-2 thiosulfate

SO4-2 sulfate

SO3-2 sulfite

SeO4-2 selenate

SiF6-2 hexafluorosilicate

SiO3-2 silicate

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